Monday, 11 October 2010

Gap goes back!

So as it turns out, enough ad folk and general design community have bagged the new gap logo so much that gap have decided to back track and return to the original old logo.... All that drama for nothing I guess. Atleast they got some talk, unfortunately for them the general public wasn't really aware of the change, so it might not even make a difference at all. Nice try gap, in this case, don't try rework something that's already working n that's iconic in the branding world. I remember billabong messed around with their logo a while back, don't know who noticed but I sure did. It turned me off the brand completely. Funny that a logo can have such an influence on a person, I never would have known that if I was say, my brother, a little engineering genious who doesn't even notice logos unless it's for ps3 ofcourse. I know he threw a fit over the change in typeface, although I dont think it was that dramatic. Heres his issue:

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Yeo factor!

link to yeo valley ad:
There's an Ikea ad that's challenging it but I can't remember it as it came second. Shame they didn't air it earlier, maybe I would remember it. Back to xfactor!! Great talent tonight from the boys and Mary, particulary Aiden!! Gave me shivers!!

Yeo Valley yo!!!

So for anyone watching xfactor, you would have seen the new ad for yeo valley by BBH London. I haven't got access to the video right now but it's an interesting ad I must say. The reason I'm writing about it though is that I think they picked the best time to air it, kudos to the person that chose the prime spot at the start of the show before the less talented singers began. I'm not a fan of rap but it was very enjoyable n refreshing from the recent ads. That dancing owl was magnificent too. Great job BBH! Although downside is they convinced me to go and buy country clothes and not the actual product :D now please air that ad again!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Twittering n Googling

So if you back track and see the dates, you will see I took a bit of a hiatus. This was due to a combination of trying to figure out what to do next and lack of access to my computer. Well, no more excuses, time to get back to what it is I do best.... google, ask questions and just have fun! So I have a few things today:

1. GOOGLE!!!
As we all know, google loves having fun with their header, pacman being the one I will never forget. Today, however they have brought in music with a video. It is actually rather interesting, being made for John Lennons 70th Birthday is a good enough excuse I guess. I'm looking forward to seeing what else they can make me smile with.

2. GAP!

This is more a big deal in the US at the moment than in the UK, but I thought I would bring attention to the matter. GAP in the US has changed their logo, its done on their website, however it doesnt seem to be changed on the UK one. In changing their logo, I guess they knew it would spark talk about how hideous the new logo is in comparison to their old one, so they created themselves a little twitter war between @ and @ I do have to say, while I do hate the new logo, this twitter war seems to be working despite the ugly logo. Websites have also started up against the new one, such as By far the coolest site I have seen for this campaign... so go crap logo your name!

3. Harry Potter!!! :D
One of my favourite books and movies of all time has also joined the social network bandwagon. shows the article on the new campaign, using twitter, facebook, iphone, foursquare, youtube and etsy. The really cool thing about it is that its not the actors talking about what they are doing, its the characters themselves, which allows fans the opportunity to get to know them more and become "friends". With the end coming near of the whole harry potter movies collection, using social network which is booming with their audience right now couldnt been a better option.