Friday, 11 June 2010

boo World Cup... gooo tennis!!!

So bit slow on the blog front... finished up the super dooper work placement... will post a special post on it shortly... but for now to show that I do occassionaly write on here... just a quick snippet on the world cup... boooooo!! or not.... lol as some of you might know, Croatia are not in the world cup this year... never ever in my life has this happened, and its quite a shock as I dont know who to support.... many would say Australia?? And I probably should as I am from there, but how can you support a team you really arent fussed about even if your from there.... I think you need passion behind the team you support, not a lack of it. So I am boycotting my enthusiasm for the world cup this year... I will just play it by ear and show mediocre support... so go Australia... if they want to go! lol Otherwise Im going to support Germany as they are a great team, oh and U.S.A for my American friends, even though I'm pretty sure they have no chance of winning the world cup... sorry but its true.

Here are my group predictions or teams I want to go through:
Group A: France and Mexico
Group B: Argentina and Greece
Group C: England and Slovenia and USA (Im not narrowing it to 2 in this one as I know England will make it through but Id prefer Slovenia and USA)
Group D: Germany and Australia
Group E: Denmark and Netherlands
Group F: Italy and Slovakia
Group G: Brazil and Portugal
Group H: Spain and Switzerland

Well I hope you all enjoy this world cup... Im going to amuse myself with tennis instead.. Queens tennis, which is right by my house and Wimbledon which is coming up... and if anyone is up for a game of tennis, give me a call because I'm ready to play!!
Oh and ofcourse to pay my respects to Croatia.... Im going to spend some time there instead of cold england