Saturday, 6 November 2010

Chelsea Christmas Party!

On a very festive note.... Chelsea Christmas Party is today. It starts at 4.30pm at Duke of York Square on the Kings Road. The Trees are up, bands and singers are ready, stores are open longer and the Farmers Market is open til 7!! I am a very big market fan, and this week for the party, they have brought out the famous Hog Roast that used to be there every week last year. Sadly, they have said they probably wont be around this year as often, although my mother tried her best to convince them by pointing out that the line behind us had roughly 30 people wanting their amazing hog roast! So if you head down, you can get free mulled wine, champagne, discounts in the stores, face painting, pies and other nibbles. A lot of the stores will actually be giving these out free. Oh yes and balloons! Ted Baker is giving out mulled wine, cava and mince pies... so good place to start! There are also chestnuts!!! Oh and heres a pic of the square if you decide to head down and dont know what it looks like. YAY FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Best time of the year!!!

Friday, 5 November 2010

second blogger...

All i can say to this is, the male model is gorgeous!!!! And much better styled than the first one. Love his hair!!! No other special comments,lol... sorry

first take on ted blogger

Watched the first blogger.. not too sure id really wear her choices... but nevertheless, this has been interesting... commentator guy is really cool, and the tweets people are sending in are both good and ridiculous.... ones asking for the girl to take off her bra... yeh boys, dont think the will be listening to you.

Taking on ted my way...

So Ive decided to post bits and pieces that just spark my interest while Im watching take on ted. Something that completely slipped my mind from before was that you can actually communicate direct from their website using twitter. You dont have to use the actual twitter website, but stay on their site commenting... thats if you have anything to say.

Take on Ted!!

I'm getting very excited with 30 mins to go until take on ted begins.... live feed at Its going to be a really fun experiment. I'm looking forward to see what people can come up with too. I love that they are streaming their live twitter feed too, so I can see my own name on their site, its like my 2 seconds of ted baker fame :P

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Fashion fix! Ted baker goes live!

Ok I'm a huge fashion fanatic, which is one of the bonuses of living in Chelsea. One of my favourite brands is Ted Baker and Im loving their new campaign they are working on for the US. For a detailed explanation other than my own go to
"Take on ted" is what they are calling "the world's-first, remote-controlled, digitally powered live styling project" Its going to be a live fashion studio on twitter to promote its new online store. Its taking place this friday... tomorrow at 6pm GMT!! Where 8 bloggers will get to style their own looks from the existing autumn/winter collection. All of which is done through tweets over 15 minutes. Follow @ted_baker tomorrow to join in on the action. Facebook is
Each of the looks will be professionally photographed and shown over all Ted Baker's social media channels, including their website. Now theres more details than that, so follow the links to see more. I honestly hope this campaign works out for them because it is pretty interesting.

Heineken walk in fridge

So I'm late in posting this but I wanted to mention the Heineken walk in fridge that was at Duke of York Square in Chelsea for 3 days last week. Obviously from the title you can easilly assume what it was going to be. Now I didnt take any photos myself so I am using the official Heineken photos from their facebook

After great success of the viral online and tv ad, bringing the fridge to life in London gave people the opportunity to go inside, scream and experience the joys of Heineken. They were entertained by a magician, served free beer by a (good looking) bartender and given a card for free beer at the pub. I definately appreciate Heineken more after this experience, as are my 50 or so friends that I called and pushed down through twitter and facebook. While it didnt impact all of London, it definately did bring some fun to what was a very cold day.