Saturday, 29 May 2010

Eurovison makes swedish points announcer huge!

So every year, loads of people gather around their tvs around the world to watch Eurovision... I can say this for sure because it has a huge following in Australia, and even though its shown a day late, its still just as entertaining... its just always been sad that we could never vote, but now living in England, I have been able to vote.. ofcourse I always vote for Croatia, unfortunately, my vote couldnt get them through to the finals.... I do wish however there was something we could have done about swedish presenter/singer Eric Saade. He seems to have shot to fame in just a few minutes over twitter, with everyone wanting to know who he was and why he was only announcing the points. As it turns out, he was actually a participant and didnt manage to make it past his countries preselection.
Here is the video that he tried out with. The name of the song actually suits him well,haha. So its probably safe to say, this guy will get more hits on youtube over the next few days than the actual winner, who is from Germany... although I have already forgotten her name, because as soon as the winner was announced, I jumped online to google this unfamiliar face and watch hundreds and hundreds of people twitter asking who is he, and they want to marry him... Its Europes Justin Beiber, well thats atleast my prediction, for now...

And for those that enjoy his music or just want to hear what else he has to offer

Placement updates

So quick update since I managed to spare a minute online... placement at Weapon 7 is going great! Working on some tough stuff, but we are dedicated to cracking this one brief!! Its times like this you wish you could get into the Planners head to see if there is some hidden meaning behind the wording they used,lol.
This is the link to the agency
Theres a wonderful bunch of people there, creatives and planners, and feels good not to be the only Aussie there... they seem to have a little grouping of International people... a spaniard, south african, new zealander and another Aussie. Definately helps you fit in, especially when the english people talk about their shows and gossip which you know NOTHING about! I know I live in London now, but Im still not as completely used to british humour, took me long enough to get used to american humour, and that was 4 years of it and living with americans.

One of our legendary leaders, Jason and the guys at the agency also have formed their own band and I have to say, they are pretty talented. Check them out here..

Its been a great two weeks so far, and I have to thank Ant and Jason so so much for being so welcoming and helpful and giving us some great feedback on work. They don't just consider the work your doing for the agency, but they give you some great tips for what to add to your portfolio too. I will greatly miss them and everyone once we finish up.
Anyways its long weekend, so Im off, but since our placement has been extended, now got another week to enjoy ourselves and work our butts off! Hopefully the bribing with lollies and chocolates along with our ability to talk alot will win them over.... but thats just wishful thinking,lol.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

PAC-MAN.... and placement!

So, happy 30th Birthday to PAC-MAN. With all the talk about the interactive pac-man game on google over the past 2 days, I thought Id just post it up on here to acknowledge the fact how awesome it is! It obviously shows how much of the world uses google and how using google as a platform to promote an anniversary of something or someone, it really gets the word out. I wonder what else google has up their sleeves.

As for more blogging, ive been off the net for a bit as I am currently on placement, and I thought id rather throw in 200% into my work then spend it online. My placement is going absolutely amazing! The agency is brilliant and all the people there are awesome! very friendly, funny, intelligent and extremely helpful. From suits to creatives, they are all up on the top of my list for genuine great people! Unfortunately I just got one week left, so I have to make the most of it, but I will miss them all.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Global advertising - Oreo sippy cup

Now I knew we would all learn alot from our ad classes at uni... but I think the class that has taught me more than anything was my global advertising class. Ever since I took that class, I keep seeing all the global ad rules I learnt and duplicates of ads that are tailored to different countries. One is for a shaver but I cant find it on youtube, so heres some for Orea. These are three of the same, but for different countries. I love that the kids say ha ha... my fave is the first one, the kid is so adorable, and works for me coz he reminds me of my little brother. And I think it works by varying the kids by the cultures because then people relate to it more, after all it would be a bit wierd watching the little blonde kid laughing in the Indonesian version (2nd one).

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hiatus due to birthday and moving house

So this is probably the longest break I have taken from regular blogging, and I will be back shortly. I have been rather busy recently with book crits with my copywriter and house hunting... house hunting taking every day where I wasnt on a book crit. Finally, yes finally I have found a new home and am moving in this coming week. Its going to cut an hour off my travel to my upcoming placement which starts on the 17th, so Ill be blogging about how excited I am about working there once I get started... yes prepare for all that is boring from my posts,lol. Even though I have found a place, I know how to pack our entire home, its pretty much me and my mum doing everything and my brother playing video games. We have done this a few dozen times, moving between Aus, Singapore and England, back and forth, in between towns and the such... I however had to make life more difficult and moved myself to the USA too, and every year I lived in a new dormitory, so I had the greatest pleasure of going in and out of storage with my things for a while... and to top it off I moved to atlanta for a semester, but it was right after spring break, so get this... I flew from Savannah GA up to NYC over to London, spent a week with the family, then the next week flew back down to Atlanta GA which is 4 hours by car from Savannah... all while carrying a load of suitcases of all my junk... I dont think I have ever lived in one place for more than a year since... 2003 i think. Funny thing is, its actually pretty fun! U find new ways to pack and travel all the time... and the speed you can do it at increases by hours and days each time.... Well Im off to finish packing up my room.. how Ill get my stuff to our new place, well thats undecided... 2 moves ago, we hired a taxi to move things for us, recently we just carried things ourselves... anyone want to take bets on whats up for this time? car? taxi? removalist? bus? take a pick!
To end the post, heres a nice little pic of the view from my bedroom of our apartment complex pool in Singapore