Wednesday, 31 March 2010

St Lukes like their old jam roll & vaginamite

The most hilarious thing to cross my path today is St Lukes blog. Ive seen a few of their love your vagina ads around. Such as this one which is at my local tube station.

Now i have followed St Lukes work for a while, and it wasnt until today I went to the website and realised what the whole vajajay thing was about. Anyways to get to the point... some of the name they have listed on their website are hilarious, it had my copywriter, my brother and myself laughing our heads off. "My old jam roll" is a fave with my CW, and I just cant pick one right now because Im still laughing at the ones popping up on the website at My brother is liking "scrambled eggs between the legs". The only one I am questioning is the croatian one... zenskost... now being a Croatian myself, I have never heard anyone in my family say that before... but I should be glad because I never want to hear anyone saying any of these words!! Grandma and mum included! haha Although downstairs is the most common term I have heard being used. Should I risk it and ask my grandma what she calls it? hahahahahaha maybe not.
Anyways kudos to St Lukes, you can check out their blog at

New twist to tourism campaigns

Tourism Australia must have been annoyed with their where the bloody hell are you campaign... it didnt really represent Australia very nicely... yes i cant find a better word than nice. Im not a copywriter after all. Anyways, their new campaign which hasnt been put out yet, is just about to start up on a website where anyone can upload their own photos of what they love about Australia... such as the places, activites, food etc. I think this idea is pretty genious.... with alot of talking, they will draw alot of people to their website to upload photos and then word of mouth will help it more than anything, while people wait to see if their photo is shown to the rest of the world. This campaign allows people to see what is real and not what an agency is trying to show you... however thats also a bit iffy because the agency can moderate what photos are shown. So while people have freedom with what they want shown, who knows if it will be accepted as good enough to represent Australia.
I wonder if they will take this photo... Its one of the most popular kangaroo photos floating around the internet for a long time now,hehe

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Facebook needs a head check

As you probably see most of the time, facebook makes you type in these random word checks when you post a link or sometimes a photo on someone elses page... or even your own. Its usually random words like rooster orange or extradited fish.... yes I have had both of those, the second being a bit more ridiculous... but yesterday I got one that not only is random but makes you wonder how facebook allows the two words to come together. Now its not rude or anything, but the idea of filleting a human is well against the law I would say... but an 82 year old to add some more crazy to it?? I wonder if they are trying to tell us something... or teach us... well it definately had me pull out the old history textbooks on crime and punishment.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Can you sell a red brick??

Ever since I was 12 I have wanted to work at Ogilvy... probably has alot to do with the fact that Ogilvy on advertising was my first ad book and well David Ogilvy was just a genious! Anyways so to my wonderful friends and friends of friends who twitter on a daily basis... along with numerous tweets from the ad industry, I managed to find out about the Ogilvy One fellowship. Ofcourse its not as simple as applying with a CV or saying how wonderful you are, its a fun little competition where you do your best to sell a red brick!! yes a red brick!! Now fortunately its open to alot of countries, UK, US and Australia, so it allows all my ad friends and former class mates to give it a go.
It is a bit of deja vu for me, because in my last semester at university in my final examinations, one of the questions on global advertising exam was about selling a brick and what are the different uses and ways to see a brick. Being from Australia, I surprisingly know alot about building houses... but thats probably more due to the fact I know alot of builders through family and friends. Aside from that, when you have an extremely crazy mind that throws around millions of ideas a second, coming up with atleast 10 ideas for the use of a bring was boring... from what was supposed to be a short list, i wrote an essay on it... and even when the test was over, I went home to discuss the remaining thousand ideas i still had floating around.. safe to say, I probably would never get bored with a brick,hahahaha.

Anyways away from my ranting, If you head to you can learn more about it.
Best of luck!! Oh and if you want to get more into it, I would say go and get a red brick!! lol

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bit of political nonsense

Ok so I am not British, and I am not on any particular side of the elections, so nobody should take anything I say too seriously. Im not really into politics in any place I can vote in actually. Whoever I like doesnt seem to win either. When I was living in America, I just followed who my friends went for and he didnt win, although I couldnt vote there so it didnt matter.... and in Australia, well I never like any of the guys up for prime minister... and in Croatia, well the guy I was voting for didnt even make it to the final stage of the elections... so really, my vote is useless when I hate everyone who ends up being in the final two. I just give up on following it. Anyways away from my ranting... I stumbled across an ad by M&C Saatchi today for the Tories, against Brown. Its quite simple really. His photo is hilarious! That dumstruck wierd smile that makes him look like an idiot... They have made about 7 ads, all with the same photo, but with different headlines.

The other five headlines are:
+ I let 80,000 criminals out early;
+ I doubled the tax rate for the poor;
+ I lost £6 billion selling off Britain's gold;
+ I caused record youth unemployment;
+ I increased the gap between rich and poor.

If you want to read more on it, go to or
At the second website, you can see the old Tory posters where David Camerons face was photoshopped... theres some rather interesting ones there that apparently i had missed earlier in the year... but like I said, I dont care for politics, so I didnt notice,hehe

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Random post day for a rainy day

Ok so in the spirit of randomness, which is something Im proud of being very talented at, I have been drowned with links today to various websites and music videos. First up is a link from Hello Creative on twitter
That is by far the most genious button Ive seen this year. I would have pressed it a million times already when working on the portfolio,lol.
Next one is one my marvelous copywriter gave me Some fun little singing there... definately made my day. Ofcourse managed to send it over to about 30 people to make their day too,lol.

And finally some random and stupid music videos by Gunther. First one sent to me by the lovely Art Director Megan.

Well hopefully that made someones rainy day a little better.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Photoshop getting even better!!!

Now we all know how photoshop is amazing and can save us, but also how alot can be very time consuming. After watching this short video sneak peak of the new things photoshop will be able to do, I am more amazed then ever. The tool is called content aware and it can alter images and remove things from photos that might typically take from hours to days in only 2 seconds and 2 clicks!! Take a quick look to see for yourself.

Radox campaign hits the spot again

Following Emma's posting on baths using radox at I stumbled across an interesting post in my live feed on facebook.

In case you cant read the comment, it says: "Av a radox soak dat will change u and make u fresh n most of all clean lool" hahahaha
We were definately spot on with our Radox campaign :D

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ljubicic is victorious!!

Ivan Ljubicic beat Andy annoying Roddick in straight sets!! Was a tight match, they were neck and neck, both playing for their serves, which were hard to break, but thankfully Ljubicic was better with the tie breaker than Roddick... And in a case of tying this to advertising, well look at the whole court, its covered in it!! N its official name is the BNP Paribas Open... not Indian Wells Open... so there you have it, advertising is consuming sports! Although we already knew that. I used to go to the Adidas Open as a kid in Sydney, but now its called the Medibank Open! Would you rather go to a tennis tournament sponsored by a boring healthfund or a giant sports label such as adidas? Adidas offered games and free clothing and memorabilia for ticket holders... what did medibank offer?? oh thats right... nothing!! except a hat you had to pay 15 dollars for with their name on it! cmon!!!!!

Anyways I swear I go off track to easily.... My point is Ljubicic won and as one of the oldest players on the circuit, he has done them proud, showing you dont have to be young to be on top!!

As a huge tennis enthusiast myself, and while im blabbering on about it, I'm going make the introduction to my youngest little cousin Martina who is rising up on the international ladder. At the age of 14, she has trained with the famous Nick Bollettieri and been offered a spot on his training squad in florida where many top 10 players have played, been invited to numerous training squads around the world, won the Singapore National tournament and many tournaments in Australia, along with just this past week winning the Tildesley Shield for her school. Hopefully she will grace Europe this coming summer for her first European matches.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Marmite takes spoofing to a hot level!

So we have all probably seen these ads around London recently. Much better than those one where you see people throwing up marmite saying you either love it or your hate it. I thought id finally post this up as my street has been plagued with the posters, and I have been tempted to rip them down and take them home. Now while I love the posters, I would never in my life buy marmite, its not that I hate the taste, its just simple because I am a VEGEMITE girl and can't abandon my brand for another,lol... Clearly, by comparing the ads, you can tell vegemite isnt working as hard as marmite.... then again vegemite is well known enough as it is that it probably doesnt need it. Either way here is the link from a vegemite ad when they were working on their new flavour.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Intro to Mode!!

So I don't know how Mode is gonna feel about this, but I want to introduce the world to Mode!! ofcourse she needs no introduction, she is amazingly talented, studying in San Fran at the moment about to finish up her degree, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that after graduation, she returns to London to bless us all with her art.. and writing... and whatever else she wants to do!! lol So go over to her page and see what she is made of.
I have known this gorgeous artistic girl since 11th grade where we shared a love for hiding from the crazy girls in our art class and relocating to the bottom section of the art room, and a mutal annoyance with french... even though she was much better than me... yes admit it you are!!
Now pack your bags Mode, and get back to London asap!! The world awaits your talent!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Im back, just like the Formula 1... very slow

Ok so internet buggered out on me thanks to the folks at BT, so managed to live off nothing for a while... with the odd trip to the pub to use their net or the trusty iphone. The first thing I want to turn your attention to is the formula 1 today. It was by far the most boring race I have seen in years. Im not sure if it was the stupid additions to the track, the new alterations to the formula 1 cars or the boring scenery of Bahrain, but worst race to start off! Im sure if they started off in Melbourne, it would have been more interesting. Its nice to see some new teams though like Lotus and Virgin Racing, and the return of the historic silver arrows team. I look forward to the next race, and hope that this last race will be burned out of my memory!! haha...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The worlds most intelligent soccer ball

For years, people have spent their time yelling at the reff for being an utter moron... unfortunately we cant control footballers behaviour on and off the field as we have noticed this year with all the behaviour coming from the english team/chelsea team,lol. And we can yell at the reff all we wont, but it wont do anything. We could however control the outcome of the ball and the game.. such as being off side and going out. This ball, designed by AGENT is called CTRUS, and it changes colour when the ball goes out or off side, and it even tells you the travel speed and strike force funny enough... gives me a strange idea that it could be like tennis serves where the speed gets put up on a board for everyone to And ready for this one... IT HAS AN INBUILT CAMERA!!! It shows you the goal from the balls perspective... and you could probably even see if it was handball... its SUPER SMART I SWEAR!!! although not sure how much a header with this ball would hurt,lol.

If you wanna read up more on it, go to