Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pet car insurance

I just can't stop watching this ad, its cracking me up to bits. Its for a car insurance company, telling you they do pet cover aswell. I love that they used one of my favourite Australian comedians Corinne Grant. I used to watch her on Rove live when I lived back home. Her wolfhound Bryan seems to be enjoying himself too. It definately shows that the company is very friendly and more open to what people want and need. Go McCann!! Apparently its on radio and online too, but since I dont have access to aussie radio right now and no idea how to find the online stuff, Im settling with the tv ad, because it just cracks me up!!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Socceroos vs Wild Animals

This is a brilliant ad coming from M&C Saatchi in Australia. Its pretty much just Optus showing that they sponsor the Socceroos- The Australian National team. For those non Australians, Optus is a telecommunications company... so phones, internet... all that jazz. At first I thought it would just be the Socceroos playing with the traditional optus animals... all friendly, but I was wrong, it was intense and dark and the big and dangerous animals came out to play. The crocs definately have game!! Not sure if this comes from the Sydney office or Melbourne, but both offices have amazing staff onboard. Ive been to both offices back in 2008 and they are by far the most memorable bunch of people I have met... suits included! They even gave us free stuff!! I LOVEEE free stuff!! Anyways enjoy the ad.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Pizza hut nut

So I heard about pizza huts new pass it around pizza, which you can check out at There you can play a game where you just pass around a ball with yourself... not too exciting, but as you play on gets a bit harder. Theres also facebook stuff and some competitions, as would be expected. Anyways I was waiting to see if Pizza Hut would get creative with their boxes, as hell pizza ( has coffin shaped openings on their boxes. So I had to order pizza hut a few times, but finally today, the cool box arrived. I was pretty impressed. I wonder if they make rugby ones and tennis balls too.. would be interesting to see what shapes they can make to fit the pizza in... I should have taken a photo of the inside, but pretty much its not round... it like a hexagon i think.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Music is Important in Ads!! Repeat... important!!

An ad from my home Aus for todays post. Its an interesting ad I guess... not anything that blows my mind.. but the focus on this ad is on the music. Its always very important to choose the right song. You can't use a happy song for someone dying or a depressing song for kids cereal or toys... its just too polar. This ad isnt following that idea, but its following the.... eh just make up some junk and slap it in. The guy is off tune which is bugging me most of all. Anyways check it out for yourselves. The kid is a bit scary too,lol.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

If only life could stop for pictures

I absolutely love this ad. I can't find a better word than "cool" right now, so thats what Im going with. It was done by DDB New York for Adorama. The big idea behind it is that life doesn't stop for pictures. And what better way to show a really fast shutter speed than to use a naked streaker. The other two however arent as funny as the first one, but they are stil interesting, focusing on the whole stopping what your doing for a photo.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Macca's makes you chase freebies

DDB Stockholm have an interesting approach to handing out freebies for McDonalds. The digital billboard gives people walking by the chance to take a photo of an item from McDonalds and take it in store to get it free. The items are an apple pie, coffee and a sundae. I managed to watch a video of how it works on ad age, but can't get back into the link anymore. Its also on creativity online on their pick of the day. You might think its simple to get it, but if you manage to catch a glimpse of the video, you will see they actually move very very VERY fast.
Theres a link to it on Ad age if you scroll down, but it just leads you back to creativity online, where you have to pay to watch it! come on!!!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Refreshing ambient from Coca Cola

This coca cola bus shelter hails from McCann Erickson in Turkey. Usually I love alot of the coca cola ads, like the awesome GTA ad a few years back... check it out if you dont remember it: This bus shelter however bugs me... I feel like the fridge itself was good enough on its own, like on a nice hot summer day your sitting at the bus stop and open it up to be refreshed... they didnt have to overdo it with all the coca cola design around the bus stop... the iced chair I can sort of deal with because you would thing it would ice over with the amount of people opening a fridge for a refreshing bottle of coke. Those bottles by the way are not images, they are actual bottles, and im assuming they are glued down.. unless they have allowed it for people to be able to steal them... Im not in turkey so not sure how they have worked this out. Im a huge lover of ambient stuff, so this is a nice little thing to add to my collection.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Finally, with the launch of CS5 here we have a better idea of when we can buy it, and ofcourse, how much it is going to cost us!! If you cant read the print, it says 1,773,08 pounds!! I dont have the pound key on my laptop coz i bought it from singapore, so settle with the words! lol. Im pretty excited that its finally here, some of the features are absolutely amazing! Although i worry for designers and the fact that anyone might be able to take their job now,hehe. If you have the time, go to the links below and check out some of the stuff that you would empty your pockets for.

Look at the snazzy modern packaging too!!
The launch videos are here:

Feature tour here:

Monday, 12 April 2010

Kermit says balls!!!

So, doing a bit of googling and youtubing, looking up some cancer charity ads, and stumbled across a bit of fun that a group of people made, its a bit of sony bravia bouncy calls meets kermit the frog. Their line is kermit the frog says balls to testicular cancer. My fave part is where kermit is spinning around on the beach with his friend,hehe. Its a very light hearted approach to cancer, definately doesnt leave you depressed at the end, although left me a bit confused, didnt even realise cancer had any relation to it.
Watch it at youtube here:

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Electric cars coming from everywhere!

For those who don't know me I love technology and cars... lots and lots of cars! especially formula 1. I like to keep up to speed on the different types of cars being engineered recently, especially all the hybrid and electric cars. I don't own a car myself, so I like to think of myself as green friendly at the moment. So anyways while I was checking my daily news sites I came across a new electric car coming from Croatia! Croatia of all places... They were never known for cars... the adriatic perhaps and our amazing food and athletes, but thats it.
The car is called the XD concept, created by Dok-Ing. Dok-Ing are legends in my etes. I have seen them create vehicles for removing mines, which they have done amazing progress with. Anyways back to the car. Its a 3 seater electric car, has 360 degree airbags, butterfly doors, Mclaren F1 style seating position, 'x' shaped tail lights, safety system for electic stability, ABS brakes and power steering. The 32 kWh battery can go for 200-250 km with a charge time of anywhere between 2 to 8 hours, 8 hours only being 80% though. They say another 2 hours could shoot it up to 100%. It is 2.8 metres long, with an interior height and width of 1.6 metres by 1.7 metres. The EV motor takes it from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds, which is said to be one of the fastest compared to the average 10 seconds for other EV city cars.
There are already 50 orders for Croatian customers, the first being a major Croatian shopping store mogul. Unfortunately they need an investor, so if you are a millionaire looking to invest, Id say this is a good move,hehe
The initial costs are around 30,000 euros due to battery costs, but the company is hoping that once in mass production, the car can be priced at less than 20,000 euros. I would definately be up for that!! If you want more, go to:

Oh and one more note.... it crossed my mind that the name of it; XD is a very happy smiley!!
coincidence? I think not! (Pictures are all below)

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Cambridge win boat race!

CAMBRIDGE WINS BOAT RACE!! Cambridge have won the Xchanging 2010 Race, also known as the Oxford & Cambridge boat race if you don't care for the sponsors. It was a stressful race, and I wasnt sure who to go for seeing as though I was going to go to either of them for my masters degree, that is up until St Andrews gave me a place and offered a better degree :) Alas now that I have my copywriter by my side, I dont plan to go for my masters anytime soon, although down the line I will, even if I am 40 years old, as its been my dream since I was a little kid to go to one of them... well to be honest to the 10 year old me, it was always Oxford.... who unfortunately lost today. Anyways so the race started at Putney at the old boathouses. It started off well, not knowing who was going to win, although as they moved through the race around the bends, it was obvious cambridge was building themselves up for the finish. I assumed it wouldnt be a tight finish, but I didnt expect Cambridge to win that far ahead of Oxford.
Well I look forward to near years race, where I will be at the finish instead!! Oh and I want the Cambridge's wellies! Loving the new pale blue with funky stars.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


I dont have much to say on this one as it speaks for itself, but it was worthy of a post...since its already getting its twittering. I have probably slapped each guy about 60 times in the past 2 mins... so enjoy it urselves!! Some fun from our friends at Albion :)