Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Red Bull *LIKE*

Quick post about Red Bull. This came to me from the wonderful @CatTurner.
They are obviously very subtle about getting fans for their facebook page as you can see below. It definately got me to click like.

I expect nothing less from Red Bull. Sticking to their guns, always being honest with their audience. Simple but effective :)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Unexpected is always brilliant!

This ad is for Blundstone boots. Hails all the way from Oz, done by AJF Partnership. You have to watch the ad first as I dont want to spoil it, but it is pretty brilliant. I think it definately gets your attention, and a bit of a laugh for atleast a minute... but its something that you remember, as Aus is all about the harsh weather in the bush, and these boots pretty much make it look like life is a little less tougher with them.
Problem: Bad feet from working outside all day, whether you are a carpenter, farmer, work in the bush, outback etc...
Solution: Appear manly, not showing anyone your actually a softy!! You may be sweaty, exhausted, but your feet dont have to suffer too. Quick and clever! Not whinging! Simple solution!

Here we go again....

For Valentine's Day, we all saw the launch of an iPhone app which turns the phone into a vibrating massager with three varied intensities. This comes from Sir Richard's Condom Co. If it was the first app like this to come out, I would say its interesting, sadly its not. Although I know people will download it, atleast to amuse themselves at the idea of having a vibrating app. Since this is not the first of its kind, it is not going beyond any new boundaries.... and simply joining the pack of others. Sorry Sir Richard!

(photo via adrants)