Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Oh men!

Gotta love my homeland for coming up with stupid junk,lol. I honestly hope men don't do this, but It is nice to see an ad for feminine products where you dont watch stupid numbers and wings jumping around. Or taglines like have a happy period! I really really want that line to go away! lol. Kudos to Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne.... your city might not be as cool as Sydney, but atleast the ads coming out of it are good. Shout out to the wonderful people at Leo Burnett in Melbourne while im talking about their city... you guys were awesome guides and gave me the best advice ever! Oh and thanks for the juicy apple :D lol

Monday, 22 February 2010

Flashback to my competitive tennis days...

This is a nice simple movement ad for Nike. I like it because back when I had tennis coaching as a kid, my coach would bring in the tennis magazine every month and it would show us different tennis strokes in every slow movement. Back then i didnt know how that was possible, to show each step like that, ofcourse now I do, but Im still always fascinated by it, and also my coach passed away a few years ago from a heart attack, and I cherish any memory of him that I get. He was an amazing and talented man. Anyways away from the memories and back to advertising..... if video doesnt work :P

Website music fun

I am so extremely slow in this posting thing, i meant to post this the other day, but then i forgot, and a friend emailed it to me last night going a bit crazy, he tested out about 50 websites... and im guessing he is still going, he says he is determined to find the most interesting song that actually sounds decent... i tried out a few myself and there are always chords here or there that just arent right. So good luck to my friend in his quest to find "the best song."

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Little bit of coke fun

I havent missed the super bowl for 3 or 4 years since I was living in the US, so it was sad to have to watch all the ads online instead of on tv since I am living back in London now. I didnt even watch the football, I just had my friends call me into the room once the ads started. So I just thought Id post this simpsons coca cola ad coz i like the simpsons and i love coca cola.... so i dont need any other reason,lol.... However i think if mr burns is broke, i honestly dont know how drinking coke and playing american football is going to help him get his old life back,lol.

If this video doesnt work, you can find it at youtube.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Awesome graphics

I just found this today, but apparently its an ad from November last year in Italy. The whole idea behind it is pixel destruction.... I dont care much for what its advertising, but the whole player being wacked by the ball and turning into what looks like lego pieces looks really cool. Ofcourse its not lego pieces, its little 3d pixels... either way, I would completely hang this up on my bedroom wall!! Nice job italians! The second one doesnt do as much for me as the first one, but its still cool.

Very well hung indeed

So I stumbled across a billboard over in NZ thanks to adrants tweeting it the other day. Apparently its been up there for a while, and its making huge news everywhere. I managed to catch an episode or two when it first started in London, and didnt care much for it, and I asked around and nobody here in England, the US or Aus had even heard of the show... Its safe to say, this billboard will definately atleast give the show some more notice. Congrats to the agency for a simple and hilariously genious idea.