Friday, 20 May 2011

My stories

This week, I was asked to bring back presents from my trip to Cambridge, although I hadn't received the message until I was back in London. I decided to pick up some maltesers and a kinder surprise on the way to work and handed it to my colleague (Who doesnt love an awesome milk chocolate/white chocolate combo that screams yummy!!)... anyways, my colleague also known as KCool told herself that theres probably a story to go with my choice... well obviously I hadnt thought of that... until 10 minutes later, when I produced a story that had the rest of the office demanding more.... and in social media, we all know that something interesting in the moment leads to a twitter, facebook or tumblr page... behold, my colleague's dedicated tumblr page to my insane and ridiculous stories:

Just look at the deliciousness... and the surprise... who know what you will get!! Go on... treat yourself :P