Tuesday, 8 March 2011

YouTube takeovers

It seems everyone is on the YouTube takeover train... I remember back to university days when all the students were coming up with the most creative YouTube takeovers. We didnt think it would last long, but as it seems, they have made a come back recently. First with the Kitkat takeover and now with Schick takeover. I have no problem with them as they are interesting, although the only downside is the only people that notice them are your regular customers who are on your facebook page, website or YouTube page... I think its a great way to introduce a new product, as Schick had given away free samples of their new product using facebook. Maybe these companies need to consider a way to takeover popular videos or using keywords that they know men will look at... Warning, I am about to stereotype: #sexywoman #games #newmovierelease #rocky #shaving #racing etc

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