Thursday, 23 June 2011

Introducing Pottermore!!

Very excited about Pottermore! Thanks to J.K Rowling and the folks at Sony and Adam and Eve, we know a little bit more!! Just a few minutes ago, J.K Rowling made an announcement on Youtube giving us a clue into what Pottermore is about. As a massive Harry Potter fan, I am hugely excited about what this would entail.... however there are always many effects this may have on the rest of the franchise, particularly on Warner Bros and Bloomsbury. An interesting article can be found on Wired.

Now if you are a big HP fan, Id advise you to sign up to Pottermore to be on the mailing list to be informed when it opens up in October, but be aware, thousands are probably thinking the exact same thing, which is why the site is now down!

An update since I posted this: Screenshots of Pottermore now available on Wired!! MEGA EXCITING!!!

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