Monday, 25 July 2011

Brilliant Interactive Infographic using census data!

With Infographics being a very popular tool this year to share information across various channels, I stumbled across probably the most brilliant one to date. Using the data from the Australian Census in 2006, an interactive infographic has been created that allows Australians to see how they fit in different areas, such as age, occupation, heritage etc. I found this extremely fascinating and think this is a tool that all countries should start to use. What people usually think of the census as useless and boring, this is their opportunity to engage and see where their data has gone and they can begin to learn a bit more about their country and how important this data all is.

To create your own infographic, visit:
If you are not Australian, but would like a go to see how it works, enter the postcode 2000, which is for the city, and while it wont be accurate for you, you will get the chance to see how fascinating it is... and who knows, your country could be the next to implement it into their census data!

My personal infographic (this is accurate as I am Australian):

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