Monday, 26 September 2011

Nothing like rain for a good blogging

It's been a while since I last posted... however that is for a very good reason. I tend to read ALOT of books and someone suggested to me that I should start a blog to record what I think about them... basically a book review blog. At first I thought it would be tedious, but then I discovered theres a massive market of book bloggers. I used this as my opportunity to get to know book bloggers. I always thought blogging was dying down with people moving to flickr and posterous.... man was I wrong! There are thousands and thousands of book blogs that are looked at every day. They are mostly women bloggers, nevertheless, they are fantastic writers and very friendly.

In under 2 months I have had 1318 page views, 38 google subscribers, 4 network blog followers, 65 goodreads friends (a site where people share books and reviews), 278 twitter followers, authors sending me free books to review, my favourite authors engaging with me on twitter and dozens of comments!

It really has been an amazing experience, one which I will continue with as I learn about the blogging world and the publishing industry.

I have even branded my blog, created a button and have had bloggers promote my button on their pages... creating more followers. Definately a success!

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